15Rappers通過「Show Me The Money 4」試鏡

15Rappers通過「Show Me The Money 4」試鏡

1. P-Type is a renowned rapper and a veteran of the underground rapping world. Working under BrandNew Music, he』s also known by many as CL『s rap teacher. His latest album Street Poetry was released earlier this year.

2. Basick is part of hip-hop crew Jiggy Fellaz and has worked with EXID『s LE in the past.

3. Andup started his underground rapping career in 2008. Since then, he』s worked with the likes of Geeks and Zico of Block B.

4. Hanhae was a trainee under Stardom Entertainment before he joined BrandNew Music as part of PHANTOM. As a former label-mate, he has been featured in numerous songs in Zico『s mix tapes.

5. Yano is a member of  Stardom Entertainment group Topp Dogg. Formed in 2013 by Cho PD, the group made their latest release AmadeuS in August of 2014. Since then, Yano has shown off his rapping ability with covers and an OST.

6. Kidoh, another member of Stardom Entertainment』s Topp Dogg, will be competing against his groupmate Yano as another contestant on the show.

7. Microdot has worked with rapper Dok2 since they were both in their teens, as part of a hip-hop duo called ALLBLACK.

8. Jooheon is part of the upcoming Starship Entertainment male group MONSTA X. Although the group has yet to make their debut, Jooheon has already proven his talent through the survival show NO.MERCY.

9. Ravi is the main rapper of male idol group VIXX. The idol member has shown potential as a talented composer and music producer producing songs such as 「Memory,」 「Secret Night,」 and 「What U Waiting For.」 He showed his competitive side when hereleased a diss track in response to iKON』s Bobby.

10. Mino is a part of YG Entertainment group WINNER. Mino has already proven himself to be quite the rapper when he made his official debut as a member of WINNER, and even featured in Epik High『s 「Born Hater」 as well. Undoubtedly, Mino has a lot of pressure on his shoulders now since fellow YG Entertainment artist Bobby won the previous season.

11. Jucy, who is part of Stardom Entertainment group EvoL, is returning to the Show Me The Money this season. Jucy first appeared as a contestant in the second season aired in 2013 but was eliminated early in the competition.

12. Jaewon is part of rookie hip-hop duo 1PUNCH. Under Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment, the duo made their debut just earlier this year, but Jaewon is already looking to make his mark in the industry by joining SMTM4.

13. Taewoon was a talented underground rapper prior to his career as an idol as a part of COED SCHOOL which later split into two sub-groups: F-VE DOLLS, which recently disbanded, and his group SPEED. His time as the leader of SPEED showcased his charismatic charm and his impeccable rap skills. He also became known as Block B Zico』s older brother after Zico』s debut. On March 25th, it was announced thatTaewoon has left the group and is confirmed to join the upcoming season of SMTM4. It is unknown whether or not he passed the audition, as he was seen exiting without a chain, which signifies a pass. However, some have speculated that he might have hidden his chain to surprise viewers.

14. BLACKNUT has perhaps the most interesting story of all. According to reports, the rapper grabbed Zico by his collar during his performance and proceeded to rap in an overboard fashion before forgetting his lyrics. The rapper was said to have proceeded to spin around several times while rapping and then pulled down his pants.

15. K9 is an underground rapper who has not released many songs to the public, but most notably was ranked #2 in EPIK HIGH』s 「Born Hater」 cover contest on Facebook, just under SMTM3 contestant Olltii. He was the opening act for G.NA『s first concert in Canada and has also opened for Jay Park and Vasco in the past for their Canadian shows.


問:Q1: What is the meaning of the word "Surprise"?
答:A1: "Surprise" refers to an unexpected event or information that causes a feeling of astonishment or amazement.

問:EPIK HIGH有獲得過哪些音樂獎項?
答:EPIK HIGH曾獲得過Mnet Asian Music Awards、MelOn Music Awards等多個音樂獎項。