13 K-Pop怪異時尚風格

13 K-Pop怪異時尚風格

D.O's chicken feathers
Who ever thought this was a good idea?

JYP's plastic pants
Psst, I think you put on the wrong pants this morning.

PSY's metallic leotard
Just a little too flashy for my taste. 

Ravi's twisted hat
Is that a hat or a Hershey's Kisses on his head?

Orange Caramel's sushi outfit
It's not only this. Orange Caramel is just full of wacky outfits and that's what makes them unique.

D.O's little black dress
Another unfortunate wardrobe choice for D.O. 

Red Velvet's floral hats
That's a big flower.

SHINee's straw hats
They've become one with the haystack.

G-Dragon's street performance outfit
There's just too much happening at once but do what you wish G-Dragon.

2NE1's rainbow clothes
Bright, colorful, and odd. What a perfect way to show up on the red carpet.

H.O.T's cotton candy outfit
And last but not least.. the ones that started it all.

The crown of cutlery

Taemin's severed shirt
Looks like half of it is missing. But that's fine with Taemin!

BONUS: Boy's Day's sexy dresses
Nope. Not strange at all.