Beast Kikwang shows off his muscles and some fuzz!

Lee Jong Suk doesn't deny his happy trail!

2PM Chansung shows it off with pride!

2PM Chansung is back for more

2PM Chansung baring his sexy abs

Chansung flashes his happy trail for all to see!

Jonghyun gives us a glimpse of his happy trail

Minho the fuzziest SHINee member ㅋㅋ

SHINee Minho so sexy

SHINee Minho the sexy hairy beast

EXO Tao the proud hairy warrior

MBLAQ Lee Joon shows that he has one too!

EXO Chen deserves a spot on this list as well!

EXO Chen is manly as the rest!

EXO Kai, it's barely there. But there nonetheless!

2PM Taecyeon, those muscles O_O

Big Bang Daesung "look at my belly"

Leeeteuk isn't shy of his happy trail in the sligh

Super Junior Leeteuk "The leader of the fuzz"