int(1) string(13) "" EXID的Hani 試鏡片段曝光後,網友指她做過整型手術 -

EXID的Hani 試鏡片段曝光後,網友指她做過整型手術

EXID的Hani 在最近的綜藝節目播放自己的試鏡片段後,網友指她做過整型手術


[+ 127 - 29]難怪她從JYP 離開ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ切
[+ 129, – 37] Didn』t she say on MBC that she got no work done ?????? For real????? It looks like she did..what』s the real story?????
[+ 127, – 38] She shouldn』t have gone around saying that she was a natural.. there are so many celebrities that have work done that it』s not something to even criticize. Why would you lie about it???