EXO-LS到Suzy 的Instagram進行大量留言攻擊

在韓國人氣論壇「Humor University,」 中,出了一個張秀智貼出的Melon Charts圖片,圖片內可看到miss As的Only You」在一位and EXO的Call Me Baby」在二位

不幸的是,似乎許多EXO-L感到MISS A的秀智是在攻擊EXO,說自己比EXO厲害,所以到了Suzy 的Instagram進行大量留言攻擊

EXO,」 「Call Me Baby Fighting <3 <3,」 「F*ck you EXO is the best.」, 「Have you not seen EXO』s MV..get lost,」 「Where is her manners why didn』t she just upload her group』s image I』ve never seen a celebrity post something like this on Instagram. I』m shocked,」 and even brought up EXO』s reported half a million album sales saying, 「And how many albums have you sold? ㅋㅋ」.

The original forum poster stepped to her defense saying, 「She must have been happy uploading this on Instagram because it was their first album in a year and 4 months and they won first place. And some dumb EXO fans are chewing her up and terrorizing her Instagram claiming that she was making fun of EXO. After SM hypes the people up about EXO few fans come along and ruin it all. And they wonder why people have negative feelings about EXO.」

Since then, fans have commented on the controversial post taking sides in the argument, attempting to assuage both EXO-L』s and Say A』s since the post appeared on the website.


問:Q1: 秀智是誰?
答:A1: 秀智(Suzy),本名李知恩,1994年10月10日出生於韓國光州廣域市,是韓國女歌手、演員,曾是女子團體Miss A的成員。

問:2. Miss A的成員有哪些?
答:答:Miss A的成員包括秀智、嘉熙、玟娥和霏。