f(x)的fans因Red Velvet’s獲得了自己的官方歌迷俱樂部名稱,對SM感到非常憤怒

透露感到十分憤怒,因SM新少女組合Red Velvet將很快獲得自己的官方歌迷俱樂部名稱。 

3月17日,Red Velvet的歌迷俱樂部代表張貼了一則公告在Red Velvet的官方網站上,宣布他們將於近期公佈宣佈官方歌迷俱樂部的名稱。這一消息也觸動了f(x)的fans。

SM娛樂的集合了許多流行偶像和藝術家,包括安七炫,寶兒,東方神起,TRAX,SUPER JUNIOR,SHINEE,f(x)EXO,Red Velvet,等等。

在2014年8月出道只有七個月後,Red Velvet的fans將於近期公佈宣佈官方歌迷俱樂部的名稱,EXO於2012年4月以“MAMA”正式出道,在兩年多後於去年剛在2014年8月收到正式歌迷俱樂部的名稱(EXO-L)。

在另一方面f(x)於2009年9月以 “La CHA TA”出道,但至今出道六年, 尚未得到一個歌迷俱樂部的名字。


以下是f(x) fans對今次事件的看法

➜ “Why bash Red Velvet for getting a fandom name.. it’s the company’s doing not them. All these comments on their video is sad.”

➜ “Good to hear Red Velvet about to get their fandom name but where is f(x) fancom name at?!?”

➜ “SM just constantly upsets and confuses everyone lately. A random new member of Red Velvet. A fandom name for Red Velvet but no fandom name for f(x) still?? No new EXO teaser/music video?? To all my fellow SM stans, you guys are all strong for going through all the controversy, fanwars, and problems that SM causes.”

➜ “What? Fanclub? Before f(x)!!! It’s not a joke SM…f(x) fans don’t accept it,” “Why don’t you just reveal both f(x)’s and Red Velvet’s fandom names so you can make everyone happy and save Red Velvet a lot of hate, how hard can that be?”

➜ “Red Velvet is gonna get a fandom name? While f(x) is still hidden in the shadows.”

➜ “It hasn’t been a year yet and Red Velvet will be getting a fandom name soon. It’s been six years already and f(x) is still nameless.”

 “I love Red Velvet and all, but I find it ridiculous how they have a fandom name faster than f(x).”

 “The first thing I thought of when they said the were gonna announce the fandom name for red velvet was what about f(x).”

 “Red Velvet’s fandom name is f(x).”

 “I love Red Velvet but honestly, f(x) deserves that fandom name more than them.”

 “So Red Velvet has a fandom name coming before f(x)… it’s been 6 years and it took EXO 2 years. What next, a solo tour?”

 “I’m a Red Velvet fan and I’m happy we’re getting a fan name but I am a hard core f(x) fan and we still don’t have a fandom name.”

 “Almost all Red Velvet stans agree that SM is unfair and prefer f(x) to have fandom name first before theirs.”

 “f(x) should have a fandom name before Red Velvet!!! Shame on you!!!